Make Your Sermons Connect!

Is your sermon well connected?

If a stranger picked up a copy of your sermon, would they be able tell it was written for a specific church? Would they find data presented about its church members that provided clues about who the audience is? Would there be individual names, particular groups mentioned, or stories shared that would help identify the church? Would that stranger be able to read your sermon and see how the message you presented intersected with the lives mentioned?

If you can say "Yes, that describes my sermon", then your sermon is well connected.

If not, ChurchToPastor can help you achieve this level of connection.

Why is connection important to your sermon?

Connection is important because it's the bridge that binds your scripture text and message to the members of your church which in turns facilitates spiritual growth, a greater understanding of the gospel, and application to the individual's life.

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"I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep, and they know me."

Your sermon is the catalyst to connecting with your church.

Benefits of a Well Connected Sermon


You'll have a greater knowledge and understanding of the members of your church, their spiritual conditions, and where they are in their walk with Christ. You'll know the pulse of your church, and preach with more confidence knowing you're hitting the mark with the message God has lead you to preach.


Your sermon becomes a multifunctional tool. It's not only a vehicle to convey information, but also to gather information from the members of your church. Your sermon will help to prepair your members to hear it before it's preached, bind your message to your members when you preach, and facilitate interaction with your main points after it's preached.

Your Congregation

Members of your congregation will have a greater connection with your message, and will increase in their understanding on how the scripture applies to their lives. This will lead your members to greater spiritual growth as they hear their stories in the light of the gospel.

You'll connect with your church through their responses.

How it Works

ChurchToPastor works by bringing your people into your sermon and out into your preaching.

Church Member Participation

Church members can use any HTML enabled device to participate, smart phones, pads or computers. For maximum participation, your church members can select the hour of the day to receive their notifications. Your account will have its own unique phone number, and you'll choose the keyword for text signup.

Sermon Questions

You'll select content for and from your weekly sermon to populate both pre and post sermon questions. Pre-sermon questions prepare your congregants to hear your upcoming message and provide connection content to include in your sermon. Post-sermon questions help your congregants to identify with your topic, apply it to their lives and share it with others. Their responses will provide you with insights into their walk with Christ and how they live out their faith.

Set Date and Time

Preset the date and time you would like the pre-sermon and post-sermon questions activated, and our system will automatically notify your church members either by text or email at the hour they've selected.

Church Interaction

Church members are notified to participate with your sermon content, and are guided through the pre and post-sermon questions for that week.

Church Responses

Responses from both pre and post-sermon question are displayed in your personal private administrative portal.
* This is not a social media platform. Church members do not see each other's responses.

Connection Points

After reviewing and reading member's pre-sermon responses, you'll select a few of these to include into your sermon. Responses can be used to introduce your topic, illustrate your main points, and give real life examples of scriptural truth.

A Great Sermon

Now you have a great sermon that is well connected. With this approach, you have created connection points between your message and the people in your church. By connecting their stories to your message, they will have a better understanding on how the scripture you presented directly impacts their lives. This will lead to greater growth, and you'll be hitting the mark with the message God has given you to preach.